A Professional Web Design Service

Working with Your Web Design or Web Development Team

Our Ethical Teamwork Principles

We aim for the following when connecting with your Web Design or Development Team:

  • A professional level of communications
  • Constructive, outcomes-based dialog
  • High-quality support and responsible effort

We do our best to support goal-oriented web projects.

Our Hands-on Approach to Teamwork

We prioritize creativity and relationship-building in our teamwork.

We feel it is not our position to harshly criticize the work of other web designers and developers, or on-team professionals with whom we work. We know that a variety of factors are crucial in creating successful web projects.

Instead, we prefer to:

  • Get to know the others on the team.
  • Ask questions and clarify the project, context, or process.
  • Brainstorm when possible.
  • Keep the big picture in mind.
  • Make goal-oriented plans.
  • Regroup to integrate lessons learned.

Feedback from Outside Consultants and Experts

We take an integrative, direct approach to communications with outside consultants and experts.

Sometimes we receive third-party feedback, even from experts, that does not take into account the real context of our project scope or agreements. In these cases we do our best to clarify whether we can or cannot work with such feedback.

We feel that our first duty is to design outcomes to fit our clients’ own forthright representations of their needs, capabilities, budget, and audience.


Teamwork is a deep and important aspect of our service offerings. We care deeply about it and do our best to design solutions that fit the nature of the team.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance in working with your web team.