Professional Web Design Services

Around 95% of my clients are referrals. I have a reputation as a dependable, experienced web guy who knows how to design and build a complete website from start to finish. I can make your website work great, look great, and fit your budget.

I’m also responsive—my clients tell me that they love how promptly I reply to their inquiries.

Please see the list at right for examples of the services I offer.

Website Growth and Marketing

Your website needs to grow with you as your business develops. I contact my clients frequently to suggest ongoing changes as their web presence matures. Search engines and visitors both love to see frequently-updated web content.

Some of my clients like to have staff members work on their websites. This is one of my specialties—you or your staff can edit the writing and imagery on your website, and I provide training to make sure it all goes smoothly.

Don’t delay: The web is moving fast.

In order to be successful on the web, it’s important to avoid obsessing about everything you want your website to do. This is why some of my clients opt for a “soft launch” approach, where the first step is launching the website, and the following steps involve actually adding various features.

I can also help you plan and build your website the the traditional way, where the entire website goes public all at once. With this approach, it’s important to leave some air time before the crucial launch date. Search engines are going to need some time to register your website in search rankings, and it can take time for the word about your website to spread around on the web.

If you’re ready to get started, see below to get a development estimate.

If you already have a website, let’s check it out together and make sure it’s not annoying your visitors or telling search engines like Google to ignore it.

See some examples of my work

My website design portfolio shows the latest websites I’ve built.

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