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HTML5, CSS3, and Mobile Web Design

I am excited to offer the cutting edge web to my clients.


HTML5 (“HTML five”) is the latest HTML technology that is used in modern websites. There are many benefits that come from using it, and it can be used to build powerful web applications. To get the most value out of a web design, you should make sure it’s built in HTML5.


CSS3 (“CSS three”) is the latest visual stylesheet design standard in web design. CSS3 comes with some amazing benefits and can make your website more efficient and quick to download, in addition to making it more attractive.

Mobile Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an example of a current best practice in mobile websites. Instead of building a separate mobile site for a specific screen size, Responsive Design can offer a single website that adapts itself by changing its layout to fit any screen size. This can make the website update process much more cost-effective for you, and makes your website experience more attractive to visitors.

In addition, we can add elements that suit only mobile visitors, or remove elements that mobile visitors do not need to see.

For mobile sites with a more specific purpose, it may still make sense to provide a completely separate mobile website. I can provide examples of completely separate mobile websites, and I recommend exploring this option if you have a significant number of customers on mobile devices.

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