About Marc Carson

The Web Is My Canvas

I’ve been creating websites since 1996. In the past I helped create successful websites for big companies like Intuit, McAfee, and other Fortune 500 companies. Today I mostly enjoy working with smaller clients to develop effective web experiences.

My work has been highlighted in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, and other regional news outlets in California. Websites I’ve designed have also been presented at industry conferences and receive praise for being easy to navigate, well positioned in search engine results pages (SERPs), and visually appealing.

Additionally, I’m a certified web developer and a member of the International Webmasters Association.

I love to build really nice websites for people who care about their work. I think the web requires a special approach—websites should look pretty and work well behind the scenes. All of this HTML and SEO and RWD stuff needs to be done correctly or things can go wrong.

I believe websites should change constantly over time. The time spent updating and maintaining a website’s content in the years after the initial launch is crucial.

I also think about design a lot, and I’ve won a couple of visual art awards.

I enjoy great typography and beautiful graphics, and I have many sketchbooks full of my own drawings and designs. For two years I taught college-level design courses, and I helped some of my students start careers in design and illustration (please, before taking out a $40,000 art student loan, make sure you have explored the alternatives).

On the technical side, I have a bunch of experience with computer networks and programming. I can (and often do) write code all day, set up and maintain servers, and I’m a big fan of UNIX.

Away from Work

I live in northern California with my lovely wife (a dedicated mom and marathon runner), two rambunctious boys, a baby girl, and two cats.

Some things that help me recharge are: Hiking, cycling, playing pickleball, reading books, playing with my kids, and watching films. I speak Japanese and my wife speaks Italian (both from living overseas). My wife makes amazing Italian food, while I think raw tuna is great with some soy sauce.

People say I have a sharp sense of humor. I tried to give you a pretty straight writeup here, but if you detect any joking around elsewhere on my website…mea culpa.


Photo of Marc Carson