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Marin Convention & Visitors Bureau

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After I had been maintaining their previous website for years, the staff of the Marin Convention & Visitors Bureau invited me to create a new, fresh look for their web presence.

The design process was extremely iterative, as I designed the website inside a web browser, rather than the traditional Photoshop approach. This allowed me to give the client a continuously-refined, interactive mockup that they could test inside their own web browsers. The website is easier to use and more helpful to visitors as a result of our collaboration.

This project underscores the value of ongoing refinements to a website after the initial launch. As we develop a feel for the website and its potential, we often discuss improvements and ongoing efforts to make the website more helpful for visitors.

My goal for any project like this is to stay responsive to the client and adapt the website to their new ideas and needs going forward.

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Graphic Design, Information Design, Front & Back-end Web Development

Marc Carson

Special Thanks

Ryan Cramer, Jordan Cooper, and the staff of the Marin Convention & Visitors Bureau