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Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool that provides important search engine ranking information. For example:

  • Is my website visible to people who are searching on Google?
  • What is my website’s ranking in those search results?
  • How many people had the opportunity to click through to my website?
  • How many people actually clicked through?
  • Which pages were popular among those who clicked through?
  • Are there any errors that would prevent Google from listing my website?

These are crucial indicators that must be taken into consideration when developing an online marketing strategy.

I offer the following services for Google Search Console:

  • Google Search Console configuration for your website
  • Thorough consultation based on Google Search Console information, including error reports
  • Recommendations for adjustments to website strategy and improvement of rankings
  • Assessments of competitor websites

In most cases I can fix errors revealed by Google Search Console. Some of these errors might include missing site maps, broken links, or problems redirecting visitors to the proper page (redirect loops, especially for new websites, are common).

Using Google Search Console is a crucial part of modern SEO work. Contact me for professional help with this valuable tool.