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Free LibreOffice Template: Flowchart

Download now: FlowChart-Pro.odg
(ODG LibreOffice Draw file)


  • Colorful connector styles to make your point
  • Text styles with drop shadows
  • “Work in Progress” zone with diagonal hatching to show areas that need more work

Chart Your Ideas Today

Flowcharts are a powerful tool for organizing your thoughts. They can help you avoid procrastination or blocks in your workflow by clearly showing the next steps forward, accompanied by solutions for any questions that come up.

I use flowcharts all the time in my own work, especially when I’m confronted with a big project that has lots of variables.

The default LibreOffice graphics are really, really bad. So this is my contribution back to the community.

Make it Your Own

This example is a gameplay chart, but can be modified for any purpose you like. The template uses the font family “Helvetica Neue” (commercial, sadly) but will probably look fine with Arial and Arial Black.

Terms and Conditions

Distribution of this template without my permission is forbidden.

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