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New Coastal Trail Guide App Featured in the L.A. Times

A recent project for which I provided web development services was featured in the L.A. Times today.

The Coastal Trail Guide app features a variety of beautiful trails along the California coast. I’m really proud of the way the app turned out, and I enjoyed collaborating with Mendocino Land Trust staff to create what should be a really nice experience for coastal trail visitors.

The Mendocino Land Trust team first approached me with a list of needs and later a mockup of the way they envisioned the app working. They also delivered high-quality content for the app, including PDF files for maps, photos, and other assets.

I helped flesh out and refine the overall app concept, after which I wrote the code to turn the collection of pages, links, and documents into a complete interactive experience. It was fun to communicate back and forth and refine the app as we prepared for the final launch.

The Coastal Trail Guide app was sponsored by the California Coastal Commission, so a huge thanks goes to them for pushing to make this kind of technology available to the public.

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