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Social Media and Marketing Idea Generator

Five randomly-generated ideas:

  • Find the pages on your website with the least number of visits. Determine either to increase exposure to those pages OR improve them so they're more attractive OR never write about those subjects again..
  • Like and comment to tell someone you wish they'd do more X,Y, or Z because you love it when they do that.
  • Plan a meeting to brainstorm some ways of putting your best ideas in front of your best customers.
  • Take a half hour and look at what your peer organizations are doing on Facebook. Figure out what seems to be working for them (getting them likes and interaction) and consider which ideas might work for you.
  • Create a Facebook photo album showing the results of your work.

Generate Five More

Follow-Up Tips:

  • Follow up frequently to see how your posts are coming along and comment on any responses.
  • Measure the results of what you're doing. Use your website analytics!
  • If you think your efforts could have worked better, take notes on why you think so, and try a different approach later.
  • If things went well, make a note to revisit the technique again soon.