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Social Media and Marketing Idea Generator

Five randomly-generated ideas:

  • Ask people what they've done lately that's funny or amusing.
  • Plan a meeting where you'll look at how your peers are using social media.
  • Share a 'top 5' list of things about your work that make you happy.
  • Create a Facebook photo album showing the results of your work.
  • Make a list of everything you do for a day. At the end of the day, decide which items might be worth sharing or starting an online conversation about.

Generate Five More

Follow-Up Tips:

  • Follow up frequently to see how your posts are coming along and comment on any responses.
  • Measure the results of what you're doing. Use your website analytics!
  • If you think your efforts could have worked better, take notes on why you think so, and try a different approach later.
  • If things went well, make a note to revisit the technique again soon.